DEMCO’s Wet Chemical Cylinder (Kitchenzon) is ideal for commercial kitchens that are designed extinguish fires using an environmentally friendly wet chemical extinguishing agent. The agent is ideal for fighting Class A, B and F fires, and does not damage or contaminate kitchen equipment.

Available in a wide range of cylinders, DEMCO’s Wet Chemical System is the cost efficient solution designed to provide total coverage of your kitchen equipment through an overlapping discharge pattern by the nozzles.


  • Filled with Ideal Agent to Fight Kitchen Fire
  • Mild Steel Material
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Robust Design
  • Long-Lasting

Cylinder Size (L)12L15L20L30L
Diameter (mm)180180255255
Height (mm)545650572724
MaterialMild SteelMild SteelMild SteelMild Steel


The Demco’s nozzle that is required in the Wet Chemical System is Appliance Nozzle, Plenum Nozzle and Duct Nozzle.

Spray Cone Diameter @ 1000m Height : 1100 mm for 40 degree ; 500mm for 15 degree

Spray Form : Full Cone 

Spray Cone Diameter @ 1000mm Height1100mm (40 degree); 50mm (15 degree)
Spray FormFull Cone

Material : Brass nickel-plated
Voltage : 24V DC
Power Consumption : 12 Watt
Pressure Gauge Connection : M10X1
Valve Outlet : G1/4”

MaterialBrass nickel-plated
Voltage24V DC
Power Consumption12 Watt
Pressure Gauge ConnectionM10X1
Valve OutletG1/4”


  • Conventional fire-detection control panel
  • Certified EN54 / EN54-2
  • Certified EN12094-1 (Fire extinction)
  • 4 zones expandable to 20 or 36 zones
  • Supports up to 32 devices per zone
  • Manages SmartLetLoose/ONE Fire Extinction board (Function EN12094-1 Approved)
  • 1 supervised alarm output (NAC)
  • 1 output for communicator/dialler activation
  • 1 dry-contact alarm output
  • 1 dry-contact fault output
  • 1 ancillary power supply output
  • 1 interruptible power supply output
  • 1 additional terminal per zone configurable as: open-collector output, supervised input, Gas detector input with 4-20mA interface
  • Battery shutdown relay for deep discharge conditions
  • Backlit graphic display for easy management of Installer/User interface
  • Navigation keys for easy access to graphic display functions
  • Fast keys (Silence, Reset, Evacuate, Investigate)
  • RS485 BUS for the connection of Repeater panels
  • Buzzer (provides audible signals)
  • 8 Timers
  • Automatic balancing of individual detector lines
  • RS232 connector for system programming from a PC
  • Programming software
  • Easy system programming from the control panel
  • Access key for Level 2 functions (EN54 compliant)
  • Thermal probe for battery optimization
  • Battery efficiency test
  • Extensive application of SMD reflux technology for higher reliability
  • Powder coated metal enclosure
  • Mains power supply 230V AC
  • Switching power supply/battery charger 1.4A @ 27.6Vdc (for Easizon D-020) or 4A @ 27.6Vdc (for Easizon D-036)
  • Battery housing for two 7Ah – 12V batteries (for Easizon D-020) or two 17Ah – 12V batteries (for Easizon D-036)
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D for Easizon D-020) 325 x 325 x 80mm, (H x W x D for Easizon D-036) 497 x 380 x 87mm
  • Weight (without batteries): Easizon D-020=3Kg; Easizon D-036=6Kg


  • Available in ABS or polycarbonate body *
    with polycarbonate Freznel lens.**
  • Automatic sounder synchronization. Adjustable volume control screw.
  • High sound output, low current consumption.
  • 4 On-board selectable tones.
  • High brightness LED.
  • Fully EN54 compliance.


The Demco Detector is a heat sensitive electrical switch. It is a fixed temperature device with a factory pre-set temperature 232°C.

The D-143 Detector comprises of normally open electrical contacts mounted within a stainless steel probe. A rise in temperature will cause the contacts to close at the set point temperature. With the drop in temperature the procedure reverses and the contacts re-open below set point temperature.

The detector body is a precision machine from AISI304 Stainless Steel with high corrosion resistance. The operation parts are factor calibrated and sealed against severe environmental condition, further adjustment or calibration is not required.


Demco Motor Driven Alarm Bells D-132 are professionally designed to meet the special requirements of alarm/release systems where low power consumption and high sound output is essential. Due to its low current drain, high level sound can be achieved with multiple units on a single 2-wire output circuit.The simplicity of the design consists of high quality material and heavy duty micro motor with built-in transistor suppression elements ensuring reliability and long life. Designed to meet the tough requirement of EN54-3:2001, Model D-132 are easy to install and capable of operating under most adverse conditions.

Model D-101KS

Casing Material : ABS Plastic
Net Weight: 175g

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