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Fire Suppression Detection


  • Available in two 4 zone models. The Easizon D-020 is expandable to 12 and 20 zones while the Easizon D-036 is expandable to 28 and 36 zones.
  • Being extremely compact and user-friendly, given their fast trouble-free installation and uncomplicated programming procedures, these control panels are ideal for all small and medium applications.
  • Packed with numerous functions like timers, equational logic, etc. as well as functions for extensive flexibility like automatic output balancing, multifunction inputs, customizable outputs, gas function integration, etc.
  • Innovative connectivity capabilities (RS485 BUS for power supply stations, Internet connection, etc.), provide the tranquillity of knowing for sure that this powerful tool is capable of satisfying every need of every type of installation.


Fully compliant with EN 12094 part 1 (the European standard for Fixed Firefighting Systems – Components for Gas Extinguishing Systems), the panel epitomises quality, durability and reliability and is ideal for use in any area housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items of equipment.

Featuring an intuitive 128 x 64 pixel 2-colour graphic display that gives clear and concise feedback to the user, installer and commissioning engineer, the panel also includes six monitored inputs, a time stamped log, adjustable flood times and volt-free changeover relays for fire, local fire, 1st stage active, 2nd stage active, extractor fan and fault.

The panel is supplied in an elegantly styled, durable enclosure with all of its electronics – apart from its powerful 3A EN54-4 switch mode PSU – mounted on a detachable metal bridge plate for ease of installation.


  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC
  • Operating Current: 70mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 88 x 76 x 193 mm


DEMCO Sounder D-115 is a versatile, compact electronic sounder that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazard warning. This solid-state sounder offers significantly high output levels at low current consumption. The casing is designed using a high grade ABS engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat.

Featuring a red polythene removable conduit plug for easy conduit entries, D-115 is designed to work effectively with most detection systems incorporating central control equipment. It also facilitates conceal fixing with the provision of thread protection plugs that prevent damage to the brass insert thread at the base of the box.

Perfectly combining performance and functionality, D-115 has a protection classification of IP54 and is designed to meet requirements of BS5839 Part 1:1980.


DEMCO Sounder/Beacon D-155’s compact design is acoustically very efficient, capable of generating high sound output at low current levels. Both models have a wide angle uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions, thus making them ideal for fire, security and hazard warning. These conventional wall mount devices are available in 4 alarm tones (DC) with locally controllable output levels capable of adjusting the sound intensity to suit intended application. Both D-155 and D-155WP operate over a wide input voltage range, and if required, a second stage alarm can be switched to override the selected tone by using a third wire. These versatile features allow both models to work seamlessly with most detection systems incorporating central control equipment.

Combining performance and functionality, DEMCO D-155 and D-155WP are designed to be fully comply with EN54 and if you need additional protection for your outdoor applications there are always IP65 rated D-145WP and D-155WP at your disposal. For general purpose applications, AC version of these beautiful looking devices is available as D-155AC albeit in 3 alarm tones.


Designed with ease of installation in mind, Demco’s indoor system activation devices D-108-POS series are extremely suitable for open-circuit system.

The shrouded push-button design on Extinguishant Abort Switch D-108-POS-EA and System Abort Switch D-508-EA helps prevent inadvertent operation during the cancelation of extinguishant release sequence. In addition, D-508-EA consists of corrosion-resistance stainless steel faceplate and a modular switch assembly designed to mount on a standard double gang electrical enclosure.

Resettable Extinguishant Release Call Point D-108-POS-ER’s simple ‘RESET’ mechanism consist of ABS plastic operating element that simulates break glass activation which is instantly reusable with no glass elements to break, lose or incorrectly fit when installing.

D-108-POS-EHO Extinguishant Hold Off Switch’s raised push button design is good for quick positive operation or momentary actuation when delaying the immenent suppression agent’s release.


DEMCO’s Evacuate Sign D-110 is a versatile, compact-bright that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazard warning.

The solid-state LED Evacuate Sign offers high intensity of illumination at very low current consumption.

The lens and base are designed using a high grade Polycarbonate engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat.

D-110 is designed to work effectively with most detection systems incorporation central control equipment. It is ideal for low current applications such as battery powered alarm panels where back up battery power is dramatically reduced.


Dimensions LxHxDxD1(roof)
265 x110 x90 80 mm
Lens ColourRed
Casing ColourBlack
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Casing MaterialMild Steel
Operating Voltage24V DC
Operating Current30mA
Flashing Rate
140 Flash per minute @ 24V
Fixing Method
Direct fixing using screw
Cable Routing
Rear and side antry
Ultra Bright LED6 pcs
Sound Level62dB @ 1 meter
Gross Weight1.4 kgs

  • Durable – Tough industrial design contructed with mild steel’
  • Luminary: Ultra Bright LED
  • Easy visible access from side and rear
  • Buzzer available upon request
  • Optional: Different Range of Casing Colour
  • Specific languages available on facial layout upon request

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